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Our Mission

Islam’s fundamental values of excellence, service, and intellectual curiosity have motivated thousands of American Muslims to pursue careers as physician. The American Muslim Medical Students Association (AMMSA) is a student led organization welcoming Muslim students, physicians, and leaders to explore the inherent intersection between Islam and medicine. AMMSA’s goal is simple: to empower American Muslim medical students by providing opportunities for excellence in spiritual growth, professional development, and community building.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Our Story

In the summer of 2020, first-year medical students Zachariah Elkordy and Bassel Salka met for coffee in Ann Arbor, MI. While discussing their medical school experiences at Georgetown University and University of Michigan respectively, they discussed an absence of spiritual fulfillment in their professional lives. They noted that the beautiful aspects of their faith like selflessness, humility, and trust in a greater power were not adequately explored within standard medical school curriculums. Discovering that many medical students felt the same way, they decided to start the American Muslim Medical Student Association, an organization focused on bridging the gap between Muslim medical student's spiritual and professional lives. Seeing many peers struggle spiritually, not find professional mentors, and feel isolated in medical school, they focused AMMSA's mission to address these difficulties. By providing a space for students to grow spiritually, develop professionally, and bond as a community, AMMSA hopes to empower the next generation of Muslim physicians to be shining lights within their communities.

AMMSA's Founders


Bassel Salka

University of Michigan Medical School


Zachariah Elkordy

Georgetown University School of Medicine

AMMSA's Leadership Structure

AMMSA consists of a three tier structure. The national board consists of a small group of medical students focused on coordinating regional leadership, establishing national connections, obtaining financial support, and organizing the national conference. The regional leadership consists of student leaders focused on organizing at least one regional event per semester within their area. The school leadership focuses on programming and resources for their specific schools as well as outreach with other schools. All members of this structure work together to develop the next generation of muslim physician leaders.

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