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AMMSA Art is dedicated to giving aspiring Muslim physicians a platform for sharing thoughts and experiences as they journey through medical school. With written anecdotes, poems, artwork, and photography published periodically, we are excited to highlight diverse student perspectives that will serve as a source of inspiration, education, and growth for students across the country. All art forms are welcome, including poetry, photography, fiction, non-fiction, reflective pieces, calligraphy, or other artwork (paintings, drawings, etc.).
For questions, contact Uswa Iqbal at or Zoha Qureshi at


Our Summer 2022 edition's theme is Transition. Can you think of a transformative event, experience, moment, or perspective, either in your own life or as an observer? Show us what Transition means to you through your medium of choice! We are accepting submissions until Friday, August 26, 2022. 

See what your peers have already submitted below!

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