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AMMSA Publications

AMMSA Publications is a forum dedicated to showcasing published and in-progress work of current Muslim medical students. By sharing this work online and showcasing your bio on our social media, we hope to inspire investigative ideas, connect researchers with similar interests, and provide more visibility to the fantastic work Muslim students contribute to the medical field.

Abstract submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis

Do senior residents contribute to the learning curve of interns and facilitate transition from medical school to residency training?

About the Author:

Houda Bouhman is a rising PGY3 resident in diagnostic radiology, practicing in Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Jersey. She was born and raised in Morocco. She has a strong interest in global health and women's health. Her poster has been shard at the SGIM 2022 Annual meeting.

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CC528AE4-70E5-4661-AE4F-7512B75C5ECF - Houda Bouhmam.jpeg

A Prophetic Approach to Pain Modulation in line with the latest advances in neuroscience

Faiz Sayed was raised in a full time Islamic school in NJ. Out of high school, he was accepted into an accelerated medical program in which he completed 3 years of undergrad education and moved on to medical school. He is currently an M3 at the New York Institute of Technology and has served as the MSA president of his institution.

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f003c336-8f1a-443f-873c-a0894e8edcb0 - Faiz Syed.jpg

Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Correlation of RBC Distribution Width with Syntax Score

About the Author:

Adan Irfan is an international medical student who currently preparing for step 2.

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inbound2072880239 - Adan Irfan.jpg

Creative Approaches to Chronic Insomnia

About the Author:

Gibrael Barlaskar was born in Detroit where he completed his hifdh of Quran at a local madrasa. He went to college at University of Michigan where he completed his science courses and even performed theater for prisoners. He then matriculated into medical school at Michigan State University and is working towards his degree now as a first generation college/medical student.

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headshot - Gibrael Barlaskar.jpg

A Rare Case of Unilateral Mastitis in a Healthy 19-year-old Female Post-Depo-Provera Injection

About the Author:

Khizran Ali is a rising M4 at Wayne State University, who is passionate about primary care. She is interested in actively protecting, promoting and advocating for her patients and her peers. Aside from medicine, Khizran enjoys puzzles, game nights and spending time with her family and friends.

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IMG_7263 2 - Khizran Ali.jpg


About the Author:

Sazid Hasan is a rising M3 at OUWB with intentions on pursuing a career in either PM&R or Surgery. Outside of his passion for research, Sazid loves to workout, play video games and hang out with his family.

Connect with him on IG: @sazhasan01

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