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Since the first AMMSA gathering in Washington D.C. on October 20th, 2021, AMMSA events have continued across the United States. AMMSA supports these events by establishing leadership positions, connecting students, and financing initiatives.

Click on this link to view our calendar. Click on this link to integrate the AMMSA event calendar with your own!

Community Events

A sense of community is foundational to student empowerment and personal growth . In 2022, AMMSA organized and funded dozens of iftars across the country during Ramadan, feeding more than 900 students across 45 medical schools.


Physician Panels

Panels featuring prominent Muslim physicians at various medical schools have discussed topics like Islamic medical ethics, hijab in medicine, and much more.


Service initiatives such as office hours at local mosques ensures that AMMSA continues to give back to the next generation of Muslim leaders.

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Physician Speaker Series

Muslim physicians at various medical schools participate in a monthly series where they discuss how Islam has shaped their journey as a physician.

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